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Earworm: Bacon Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nick Jonas

I am putting this song up as an earworm for one reason and one reason alone.  It’s called “Bacon”.  Other than that, I really don’t care much for this song, but maybe you will. Enjoy!

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Earworm: Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale – Lindsey Stirling

This song sends chills down my spine sometimes. Thanks to Amazon Prime Music, I am able to enjoy this song on a regular basis, and It’s making me want to purchase more of Lindsey’s tracks. Seriously, who would have thought that violin and dubstep can mesh well together. (more…)

Earworm: Ellie Goulding – On My Mind

For the last week and a bit since this video was released, I was hooked to this song by Ellie Goulding.  The repeating guitar riff in the verses of this angry piece simply intrigued me.  The tempo and Ellie’s voice kept the guitar sounding very urgent, but it was also the tone of the guitar…where did it come from?



My wife brought this song to my attention, and now I cannot stop humming it.  I have to say, this song is very out of the box for Mumford & Sons.  Had I not known it was them, i would have not guessed it was them.  And I think that’s a good thing.  It keeps them fresh.

Earworm: Serebro – Mi Mi Mi…

I blame Cheesecake for this one.  He played this while we were in the car.  Now I have heard this song previously, and I didn’t pay much attention to it, but, he kept on humming it, and it’s turned into an earworm.  It’s distracting me so much I had to forgo my scheduled post.

We’ll that partially true.  I have been busy working on a home project, and by the end of it all, I am totally spent.  I am hoping to get it up by Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy this irritating earworm.

On the plus side, Serebro is not bad to look at.

Earworm: Everything Is AWESOME!!! — The LEGO® Movie — Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

I just saw the Lego Movie this weekend, and it was quite awesome. Having said that, they had this song in the movie called ‘Everything is Awesome’, and it I have been humming it since I left the theater. Granted my nephews kept singing it too, but, it didn’t matter, the song was an earworm to me. It’s sung by Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island doing the rap. The lyrics are great, and the beat is so bubbly, it actually lifted my spirits up a bit. Anyway, enjoy the song, and oh yeah, go see the movie, it’s awesome!

Earworm: Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

Seriously, I was never a fan of Ed Sheeran, but slowly his songs, his lyrics got to me, and I got on the bandwagon.  This particular one is pretty good, a different tune from what I have normally heard on the radio.  My good buddy, Marky Mark put this to my attention and I really really liked it.  I hope you do too.


Earworm: Best Song Ever – One Direction

Yes, yes, I am posting about One Direction.  Ever since this song came out, it has been stuck to my head, and even worse, I made a video montage of a vacation this past summer, and used this as the musical background.  In fact, it was the theme for the week.  We dubbed it ‘Best Week Ever’, due to the fact my future nephews kept singing it all week, and it just stuck. Coupled with the fact I listened to the song a million times while cutting the footage together, since I wanted specific parts to match up to specific beats/lyrics.

I have to admit though, I am slowly becoming a fan, and I do enjoy their pop-y music.  The video is quite fun also.  I love Jonny, the studio exec, played by Louis Tomlinson.  It mimics Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder.  Anyway, enjoy it.


Tom Cruise as Les Grossman