Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which is a prologue to The Phantom Pain, is slated to come out in Spring 2014, with TPP to follow sometime later. But it seems semi related instances have been surfacing in the wild recently.

Honda has developed a device called Walking Assist. It’s an apparatus which apparently aids individuals with walking difficulties get by on their own two legs with a little nudge from said contraption. It’s purpose is to aid in the rehabilitation of those who have suffered from traumatic events such as a stroke or perhaps a car accident.


The first thing that instantly came to mind when seeing this article was MGSV. More specifically, Emmerich, a pivotal character in MGSV, came to mind. He is wheelchair bound in MGS Peace Walker, but in MGSV seems to have upgraded to a device which allows him bipedal movement, or regain movement of his own two legs, similar to Honda’s Walking Assist.


Stroke victims, and trauma victims in general, have a tendency to have trouble walking normally and need assistance with either a cane or even a motorized wheelchair. This Walking Assist seems to have created a middle ground for those in need and with large scale tests running in the US production could speed up and help patients literally get back on their feet.

Source: EngadgetHonda

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