MGSV Ground Zeroes English Version of 2013 TGS Demo

Following PS4’s Launch Party on Spike TV last night, Konami today has just released an English version of the MGSV Ground Zeroes 2013 TGS Demo that’s as shown a few months ago. Kojima Production’s Sean Eyestone was narrating the familiar gameplay in English, pointing out all the bullet points of what can be done in Ground Zeroes. During gameplay we can hear Kaz Miller (Robert Atkin Downes) giving Snake mission directives via codec. In the section during Snake’s enemy interrogation we can hear Kiefer Sutherland say “Spit it out!”


What stuck out to me was when the informant replied back to Snake. He immediately sounded like someone very familiar to the MGS franchise. I swear I heard Quinton Flynn, the voice of Raiden from MGS2, MGS4, and MG Rising. I could be totally wrong but it did sound like Raiden!

While this is welcome news, it’s still bordering on underwhelming, for me anyway. I might still be feeling the effects of last night’s lackluster MGSV announcement of the Deja Vu Mission exclusive to PS3 and PS4. This mission, which lets us play as Minecraft Snake, is apparently included with Ground Zeroes instead of DLC. You get to run around looking like Blockhead, infiltrating what looks like a base similar to the nuclear missile disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island. We even see those Genome Soldiers dressed in their white uniforms. You even get to rescue DARPA Chief Donald Anderson. Again. And it looks like Sigint dies. Again.

[Extremely crude mockup of a better mash.]

What I think would have been really sick is if Kojima let FOX Engine Snake run around the original MGS1 Shadow Moses level. That would have been a fun way to mix shit up. MGS4 had the face camo AND the original MGS1 heliport level thrown in. Why not a real mash up?

Source: Joystiq

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