VGX Awards 2013 (Update)

So the VGX Awards commenced last night. Gameplays were shown and more games were announced. You can watch the 3+ hour event up top or check out another version in the source like below.


It looks like YouTube decided to take down the clip I provided above so I did a little bit of digging and found another source, DailyMotion, with the same footage. Enjoy.


Joel McHale co hosted with Geoff Keighley of Spike TV. McHale is hilarious! At one point they were interviewing Gearbox and Telltale devs and he was making random dry humor comments (as he always does) that Geoff was gritting his teeth thru Effectively making Geoff look kind of dull and boring. I could visibly see Geoff being pissed off at every sentence Joel was saying. This was probably because McHale didn’t seem to take the VGX as seriously as Keighley did, thereby invoking a slight tone of displeasure from him. Brownie points! Another interview had the makeshift duo chatting up two individuals involved with the rebooted Tomb Raider, one dev and more importantly Camilla Luddington. More snarky humor and lots of Joel/Cammy (Joel’s new pet name for Lara’s voice actor) chemistry made Geoff look like a third wheel. Bonus!


I’ll say this though; adding McHale as a co host to VGX undercuts the point of even talking about the relevance of video games in the first place. He’s a comedian dripping with sarcasm so there’s nothing much more to expect. Might as well have David Blaine co host and pull a PS3 out of a rabbit’s ass. They’re both not of the gaming world. But still, I’m a fan. So the inclusion of Joel McHale? Genius!!


Source: Joystiq

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