Day: February 20, 2014

PAK Toys Redux


So I was cruising the internetz and happened to come across a Konami Blog page which consisted of redone paint jobs for Play Arts Kai MGS toys. Owning some of these toys myself, I couldn’t help but notice the exceptional paint job that this modder had done. his name is Tomasz Rozejowski (aka Zelu1984). He is a painter/sculptor who has modded a number of toys from different brands, namely the PAK MGS toys. When interviewed on Konami Blog about his technique he had this to say:

In general with most of my customs there is quite a lot of sculpting involved, I use FIXIT Sculpt clay for many of my projects as it gives me tons of flexibility and about 5 hours sculpting time before the clay gets rock hard. In terms of sculpting tools I use pretty much anything I can find: craft knives, pens, toothpicks, paper clips etc. With paints I’m still experimenting but I’m quite happy with Vallejo – Model Color.

Here are some nice examples: (more…)