PAK Toys Redux


So I was cruising the internetz and happened to come across a Konami Blog page which consisted of redone paint jobs for Play Arts Kai MGS toys. Owning some of these toys myself, I couldn’t help but notice the exceptional paint job that this modder had done. his name is Tomasz Rozejowski (aka Zelu1984). He is a painter/sculptor who has modded a number of toys from different brands, namely the PAK MGS toys. When interviewed on Konami Blog about his technique he had this to say:

In general with most of my customs there is quite a lot of sculpting involved, I use FIXIT Sculpt clay for many of my projects as it gives me tons of flexibility and about 5 hours sculpting time before the clay gets rock hard. In terms of sculpting tools I use pretty much anything I can find: craft knives, pens, toothpicks, paper clips etc. With paints I’m still experimenting but I’m quite happy with Vallejo – Model Color.

Here are some nice examples:







Judging by some of these photos I’d say he’s got ILL SKILLZ. Compared to TR’s awesome work, the PAK figs look like they just walked off the set of The Walking Dead. In side by side shots they look pretty horrendous. The redone toys on the right look so much more natural and would make me even more proud to own these overall great figures.

You can check out more of his great work here.

Source: TRCreations.netTomasz Rozejowski (aka Zelu1984) MGS Figure Mods | Konami Blog.


    1. Hey Tomasz! you’re welcome. gotta say, your work is friggin awesome. I’ve looked thru your other work on other characters from comics and you’ve done some great work! too bad i can’t do the same for some of the figures i own myself, hehe.

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