Day: June 12, 2014



Reddit user BigBoss9293 was on hand at the Closed Doors live demo for the Phantom Pain at E3 today. In his post he goes into detail about all the wonderfully awesome things he saw during the gameplay. He goes at length, stating:

[Spoilers if you don’t want to ruin it for yourself.] (more…)

Footage Of The 30 Minute MGSV:TPP Demo Surfaces


The 30 Minute long demo of The Phantom Pain gameplay that was shown behind closed doors at the 2014 E3 to select press has been released in a small dose. Here is a 2 minute clip of the Japanese version of Kojima Station where Kojima and company show Snake and his new abilities: (more…)

Get Your 60 Frames Per Second Of TPP Goodness Right Here!


The Phantom Pain Trailer, which leaked on Monday then officially came out on Tuesday, is now available for fans to download directly. The file, which is 136mb FYI, has a small difference from the initial trailer that Konami/Kojima dropped. It’s missing the initial quote from Mark Twain at the first few seconds into the trailer: (more…)