Windows 10 – A “Snappy” Quick Impression

Stock photo not by me

Stock photo not by me

So, I finally got the notification that my upgrade to Windows 10 was ready to install the other night. I had Windows set to update at 3 am, so this way when I got home, Windows should be ready.

And it was ready – sort of. I had to click a few more times, and there I was.  The desktop of Windows 10 was running, except the drivers for my GeForce 770 GTX did not install.
The displays were set to an awful resolution, and with only one monitor working it was annoying.
Luckily all the other drivers loaded up just fine, so I had access to the internet. A quick trip to Nvidia’s website to download the latest and greatest drivers.

I ran the ‘clean install’ option on the installer and let it do its thing.  Afterwards I just had to reboot.
Once the reboot finished, I still had one monitor running with that nasty resolution.  After I logged in, an error message popped up.

*insert expletive here*

So, I reinstalled the driver again, long story short, I rebooted, and voila!

After hearing a few nightmare upgrade stories, I was glad I came out fairly unscathed with just a video card driver issue. Outside of that hiccup, the upgrade went as smooth and painless as it can get.

As for Windows itself, it will take some time getting used to this. I do like that settings are easier to find, since I think things are just worded or grouped differently. It took me a while to find device manager. And I will be totally honest here, I kind of miss the Windows 8.1 start menu already. It did grow on me, and I didn’t mind using it at all. I’m sure I’ll like this version of the Start just as much.

My Adobe CC updated, and once it patched or whatever, I ran Photoshop, and it ran fine and fast. Steam worked too, as did Bejeweled 3. I noticed that Windows 10 appears to be using less resources in terms of RAM. I only really persued for literally 30 minutes. I’ll update y’all once I get some more seat time with it. Oh, and one last thing, Edge so far seems good. I gotta try out Cortana this weekend.


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