Day: August 7, 2015

Android Update – Google Nexus Devices To Get Monthly Security Updates

In light of the ‘Stagefright’ Exploit that is currently making a splash in the realm of mobile device news, Google has recently announced that it will be implementing monthly updates for certain generation Nexus devices.

More details about the regular monthly updates for Google Nexus devices can be found in the link below.


Windows 10 – A “Snappy” Quick Impression

Stock photo not by me

Stock photo not by me

So, I finally got the notification that my upgrade to Windows 10 was ready to install the other night. I had Windows set to update at 3 am, so this way when I got home, Windows should be ready.


Snappy Fridays – Killbear Sunset (Taken By the Samsung Galaxy S6)

wpid-wp-1438922712555 (1)

“Snappy” Fact: The landscape where this photo was taken (Killbear Provincial Park) may have served as a source of inspiration for the Group of Seven.