Alvin’s Food Follies – Twilight Tuesdays


I just happened to get out of work late today and while walking to the station, I thought I heard some music playing in the distance from my corner of York St. and King St. in Toronto.  Hmmm?  Music this loud in this part of town?  Something’s up!

So I walk 2 blocks north along York St. to Adelaide St.  Low and behold, I fall on this little event in the parkette beside the Drake One-Fifty Restaurant.


Hmmm…little food stands set up from businesses serving the financial district, $5/ticket and each ticket gives you a pretty decent serving of food. Apparently, this event was organized by The Drake One Fifty and Momofuku to run every Tuesday during August! This is worth a try!  First stop, the Pizza Libretto and A3 Napoli booth.


I went for the deep-fried meatballs (Paneto stuffed with Polpette Fritti).  All I could say was, “Yum!”.

imagePicture courtesy of Janie from <a href=

My dish. This was taken earlier, courtesy of Janie from

I also bumped into fellow blogger and photographer buddy, Janie, from  She tried out the Frittatina with Marinara Sauce (italian style deep-fried macaroni and cheese.)  It was tasty but extremely filling.

Frittatina with Marinara Sauce, from A3 Napoli.

Frittatina with Marinara Sauce, from A3 Napoli.


Garfield: “Not quite Lasagna, but this will do. FOR NOW!” LOL!

Next up, a chicken wing basted with blueberry sauce and garnished with lemon zest and parsley aioli accompanied with a small chunk of baby pork ribs, courtesy of

Garfield digs into the chicken wings and ribs.

Garfield digs into the chicken wings and ribs.

The chicken wing was tasty! Charcoal broiled, cooked to “pink” (to those who know barbecue, this is not the bloody raw pink, but the YUMMY PINK!!) and although I got the tip of the ribs (not my favourite part of the rack), it was tender and spiced with a southern style rub to die for!

imageYUM! Chicken wings!

YUM! Chicken wings!

Just watching these guys cook up the chicken wings made me more hungry.  I have to get them to come to a party!

You can smell the blueberries in the smoke!

You can smell the blueberries in the smoke!  The blueberry basting sauce is in that jar on the table…GIMME, GIMME!!!

Next Tuesday is the last event for Twilight Tuesday.  Other booths were set up today, but I had gotten too full to try them out, perhaps I will try them out next week.  Cheers to the guys for bringing attention to this area!  Let’s see what other events the organizers come up with.

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P.S. As most Garfield cartoon/comic fans know, lasagna is Garfield’s favourite dish.  He is the consummate foodie and will be making random appearances in this blog. You can also find him in his past adventures here and here.


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