Sorry Kid, You’re Too Short For This Ride


So I recently took a stroll to my local game shop last weekend to see if there were any bargain deals. For a gamer dad who has an almost 1 year old, and has a budget for which the majority goes to diapers and baby food, bargain hunting for games was essential.


Whoa, Talk About Not Caring

I don’t know, but it seems like Microsoft is giving gamers a big ‘screw you’ with their DRM, always needing to check in, Kinect required XBone.  A recent comment from one of their officials, Don Matrick was interviewed prior to E3, and he said that gamer’s can stick to the XB360 if they don’t have an internet connection.

I’ve stayed away from this subject really, only because I wanted to see what was what during E3, and maybe they may shed some more light.  But, it just looks like they are sticking with their DRM policies, and well, after Sony‘s stance on the subject,   and this comment, it looks like Microsoft is sinking quite fast.

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Female Gamer’s Wanted!

Yes, you read it right, we are looking for some female gamer‘s, well mostly for data.  Gamer’s are still predominantly male, but as of late, the number of female gamer’s has risen.  I want to know what y’all are playing, and how much do you play, etc.  Below will be  a quick set of questions we’d like to know.  Nothing personal of course,  just mostly gamer related.  This data will be used for a future article we are working on.

Also, please re-blog this.  The more data we collect, the better.

We’d like to know only a few things:

  • Amount of gaming per week 
  • Age group
  • Systems owned
  • Genre mostly played
  • Student or Working Professional

Cell phone gaming DOES NOT count.

Please send all answers to justwroteablog at Gmail dot com.  And lastly, if you are from another blog, please let me know what blog you’re from and what your handle is.  Much thanks all!