iron man 3


I saw this on the Facebooks, and I thought i’d like to share with everyone else.  Upcoming Marvel movies!  I so geeked out when I saw this.  I was surprised with Fantastic Four being there.  I hope they can resurrect it, so we can all completely forget the Fox made ones.  Correction, this will be a reboot, and it will still be made by Fox.

Upcoming Marvel Movies

Upcoming Marvel Movies

Toys Toys Toys: Hot Toys Iron Patriot Makes An Appearance

[Ah toys. They’re the epitome of everyone’s childhood. For boys and girls alike, toys are what connects us to our fondest memories of our past. From gigantic robots to dress up dolls, they’re our time machines back to more carefree days. These days though, they make toys for big boys and big girls, too. Let’s take a look in this edition of Toy Section.]


Hot Toys figures make me want every release that comes out. Without fail. They’re arguably the most life like figures I’ve ever come across and sometimes almost push the boundaries of the Uncanny Valley.