Toys Toys Toys: Hot Toys Iron Patriot Makes An Appearance

[Ah toys. They’re the epitome of everyone’s childhood. For boys and girls alike, toys are what connects us to our fondest memories of our past. From gigantic robots to dress up dolls, they’re our time machines back to more carefree days. These days though, they make toys for big boys and big girls, too. Let’s take a look in this edition of Toy Section.]


Hot Toys figures make me want every release that comes out. Without fail. They’re arguably the most life like figures I’ve ever come across and sometimes almost push the boundaries of the Uncanny Valley.

This time around, to commemorate the release of Iron Man 3 this May 3rd Hot Toys will be releasing Iron Patriot. In typical fashion HT pays attention to detail and gets every book and cranny precise as possible.


It’s like you’re staring at a teeny tiny Don Cheadle. This figure has been literally dipped in awesome sauce.


-Hey Tony, how ya like me now?! You must me so Jelly!-

Look for Iron Patriot to make a landing in Iron Man 3 in theaters this May 3rd. Can’t wait!

Source: Hot Toys

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