Deadpool – Redband Trailer

Seriously, I am so looking forward to this.  It was a shame they butchered Deadpool in Wolverine, and he even said it in the teaser, which I thought was funny.  Looks like Ryan Reynolds will do this justice unlike the Green Lantern, which I personally thought was entertaining, but was lacking in a lot of other places other than Ryan playing Hal Jordan. Anyway, enjoy the trailer and the teaser.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Quick Thoughts



Today was the premier of ABC’s new television show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., from producer Joss Whedon, and is basically a spin off or a tie in to the Marvel movies, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Cobie Smulders reprises her role as Agent Maria Hill, as well as Clark Gregg returning as Agent Phil Coulson.  They touched on a bit on what happened to Phil after the event’s of NY, but they elude to the fact about ‘Tahiti‘.  Great hook if you ask me, as it’s still has me wondering what it is.  Anyway, I am just glad there is something new to watch, and something geeky too.  The cast I feel was fairly strong, and Chloe Bennet who plays Skye is just all kinds of cuteness.



Not My Photo – Chloe Bennet – just gorgeous


Ming Na‘s take down of the cop poser was pretty cool, albeit too quickly, but still cool.  She did play as Chun-Li back in the day before settling in as an ER Doctor.  Pacing of the show was good, as well as the set up to what the main subject matter is for the season (the centipede).  I like how it tied in the stuff that was in Iron Man 3.   I wonder if they will tie in stuff from the show in upcoming movies, and kind of continue back to the show.  hmm

Anyway, I am so looking forward to this show, and I am hoping it stays strong.  Something to look forward to at the early end of the week.


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Agent Coulson’s Own Avengers


Yet another great character makes a comeback, this time to the smaller screen. That character my friends, is none other than Agent Coulson aka Clark Gregg of SHIELD fame. Last we saw of him he seemed to have been killed off by Thor’s number one nemesis, aka brother, in the form of Loki in the first Avengers movie. Definitely looking forward to this when air date nears. Apparently Agent Hill didn’t get the memo:

It’s okay, Agent Hill. Just read what I wrote, or check the source below.


BTW Agent Hill, here’s a nice 30 second tv spot of the new show so don’t be mad, bro:

Source: SuperHeroHype


I saw this on the Facebooks, and I thought i’d like to share with everyone else.  Upcoming Marvel movies!  I so geeked out when I saw this.  I was surprised with Fantastic Four being there.  I hope they can resurrect it, so we can all completely forget the Fox made ones.  Correction, this will be a reboot, and it will still be made by Fox.

Upcoming Marvel Movies

Upcoming Marvel Movies

Avengers Assemble! (Again)


The sequel to one of this years biggest blockbusters has been announced.  Mark your calendars, as E-P-I-C awomeness will be assembling on May 1, 2015.

Here’s the press release (via Colliders)

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the biggest Super Hero blockbuster and third highest grossing film of all time, Marvel’s The Avengers. Joss Whedon returns to write and direct theUNTITLED MARVEL’S AVENGERS SEQUEL set for release May 1, 2015.

Josh Whedon will once again take the reigns as director (and writer), and with a slew of Marvel releases from now until then, May 1, might come faster than you think.

Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Guardians of The Galaxy all set in stone, and all paving way to the Avengers sequel. Of course I cannot forget to mention the Edgar Wright directed Ant Man.  Edgar Wright movies just excite me.

If anyone stayed after the credits of the Avengers (spoiler alert), we all saw Thanos making an appearance.  Perhaps this could be the start of the Infinity Gauntlet/Infinity War series.

All exciting stuff, and I so cannot wait.