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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes night trailer (Xbox One)

Looks like another MGSV Ground Zeroes gameplay trailers is making the rounds this week. This version is gameplay from Xbox One and is actually gameplay footage from previous trailers that we’ve seen in weeks prior. This time Kojima‘s right hand man, Sean Eyestone, is narrating for us the viewers and giving us the rundown on the things gamers will he able to do in Ground Zeroes. A lot of the information that Eyestone is talking about has been covered in my previous articles an have been reiterated in past GZ demoes, but there are some interesting things I took note of in my bullet points: (more…)

MGSV Ground Zeroes English Version of 2013 TGS Demo

Following PS4’s Launch Party on Spike TV last night, Konami today has just released an English version of the MGSV Ground Zeroes 2013 TGS Demo that’s as shown a few months ago. Kojima Production’s Sean Eyestone was narrating the familiar gameplay in English, pointing out all the bullet points of what can be done in Ground Zeroes. During gameplay we can hear Kaz Miller (Robert Atkin Downes) giving Snake mission directives via codec. In the section during Snake’s enemy interrogation we can hear Kiefer Sutherland say “Spit it out!” (more…)



Hey guys/gals I’ve been a little lax on posting lately, what with life and family duties and such but I HAVE been keeping up with MGS news as of late and have been formulating my own analysis on the latest trailer. I’ll have my own take on the current events of MGSV soon enough. Till then, if you haven’t seen it yet then you can watch Jack Bauer impersonate a primate in the clip below of the Konami Pre E3 show.

Here are a couple of examples of how Bauer can pull off being Big Boss. And might I add he can sell the hell outta some rations.



Jack Is Back On FOX!


I just heard this on the radio today so hopefully this news has more weight to it. Just in case it’s true I’ll be preemptive about this. After some quick research I found out that apparently FOX is making moves to bring back one of its most popular series to date. 24 ran for about 8 seasons beginning in 2001, and ending its run in 2010. Jack Bauer, the series protagonist, has been stopping bad guys the whole time. There were even talks to bring Bauer to the big screen, which would be great for fans, myself included. As of now that situation is in proverbial limbo. Lets all pray it works out.

Show wise, 24 could start its 9th season once the execs work out some sort of solid deals. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Kiefer save the day again. As of now you can relive the joy of the first 8 seasons right now on Netflix. Crossing my fingers for season 9!

Source: ScreenRant