Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes night trailer (Xbox One)

Looks like another MGSV Ground Zeroes gameplay trailers is making the rounds this week. This version is gameplay from Xbox One and is actually gameplay footage from previous trailers that we’ve seen in weeks prior. This time Kojima‘s right hand man, Sean Eyestone, is narrating for us the viewers and giving us the rundown on the things gamers will he able to do in Ground Zeroes. A lot of the information that Eyestone is talking about has been covered in my previous articles an have been reiterated in past GZ demoes, but there are some interesting things I took note of in my bullet points:

• Enemy AI are smarter and will attempt to out flank Snake.

• Snake will be spotted by enemies from farther distances, raising the stakes.

• Enemies will work in teams rather than individually.

Kiefer Sutherland‘s voice can be heard grunting while in movement as he for example, vaults over a fence, climbs over obstacles, or picks up downed allies/enemies from the ground.

• Kiefer can also be heard saying, “Call them!” during an enemy interrogation.

• We hear an example of how Snake sounds like when he dies.

• Tagging can be toggled ON/OFF in the game for those who want more or less of a challenge.

• Players will get a bonus for playing GZ without tagging activated.

• Players can ask Kaz Miller for mission details, hints, and other supplemental info over codec when the INTEL prompt is on screen.

• Snake can eavesdrop on enemy conversations while sneaking around, offering clues during the mission (similar to some missions is Portable Ops).

• Similarly, Snake can use binoculars at long distances to eavesdrop on enemies as it is equipped with a directional mic.

• Snake can pick locks (similar to an escape mission in Peace Walker).

• Snake can commandeer enemy cars such as jeeps and fully covered vehicles on base.

• As long as Snake drives normally enemies will not suspect him.

• After time has passed, if Snake hasn’t returned to said vehicle, it will have vanished because an enemy soldier has recovered it.

• After calling a chopper for pickup, the pilot will call Snake, indicating that the chopper is near the LZ (landing zone).

• Reflex Mode can be toggled ON/OFF.

Release dates have also been announced:

North America will receive the prologue to The Phantom Pain on March 18, 2014 and will be available for PS3, PS4, 360, and Xbox One. The PS3 and 360 editions will retail for $30 for disc based copies or for those who want to live in the Digital Era the game will be available for $20 across all four consoles. Europe will get the same deal two days later.



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