LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga: My Three Platform Comparo (UPDATE)


I decided to have some more fun with this article and add my own Star Wars crawl with the content written before you. I’ve broken them down into three parts, thereby giving each section their own Crawl. Apologies for the lack of SW theme as I would have run into some copyright issues. So just imagine the SW theme song playing as you watch the subsequent clips. Enjoy!

Anyone who’s anyone knows that Lego not only makes awesome toys, but is associated with great games. From licenses to franchises such as DC Comics own Batman, to Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings, Lego has aligned themselves with some heavy hitters. Another such series which has a huge following is Star Wars.


I have joined the Dark Side.

By the Dark Side, I mean the dreaded iPhone nation. I have made the transition from Android to iOS. Now, iSheep, do not revel in this ‘defeat,’ for I’m still Android at heart. Partly why I’m actually documenting this reality is because of my heavy bias.

Let us remember , an article I posted much earlier in the days of JWAB.

Read that prior to the rest of this post, that way you get the full experience of my experience.