I have joined the Dark Side.

By the Dark Side, I mean the dreaded iPhone nation. I have made the transition from Android to iOS. Now, iSheep, do not revel in this ‘defeat,’ for I’m still Android at heart. Partly why I’m actually documenting this reality is because of my heavy bias.

Let us remember  https://justwroteablog.com/2012/09/15/time-to-catch-up-apple/ , an article I posted much earlier in the days of JWAB.

Read that prior to the rest of this post, that way you get the full experience of my experience.

Keeping my aforementioned biases in mind, I dreadfully accepted the black 16GB iPhone 5 with open arms.

Reasons why I accepted the iPhone 5

Two days after rummaging on the bland iOS6, a new iOS iteration was announced and I’m actually thrilled. It looks refined and much warmer, with the fluidity looking a lot like Android Jelly Bean. I, of course, being on the cusp of technology, felt obliged to download the iOS7 to beta test it. And it’s a handful.

So. The pros of having an iPhone 5 (with iOS7)

  1. Up your cool factor. You literally become cooler by simply having an iPhone. It’s just the dreadful reality for those that are pro-Android at heart, we are generally seen as the nerds of the world. iPhone users are just… cooler. Except for the douchebags. Douchebags are douchebags, especially douchebags with iPhones.
  2. iMessage. The entire texting experience on iPhones, in fact. It’s simple and always looks nice. iOS6 made it look refined, but on iOS7, it looks infantile but still very fluid and smooth and almost never a pain in the ass.*
  3. Lightning cable. Hopefully it’s durable. My USB would always go to shit, so the fact that this cable is reversible and fairly sturdy makes me happy. It connects with the computer easily, Mac or Windows.
  4. Cases. Insane cases, quirky cases, heavy duty cases, charging cases, standard cases, wallet cases, meme cases, ugly cases… Whatever fucking case you want. iPhones have it. And it’s just wonderful to have such a gigantic selection of cases. I love personalization. Cases are essentially the only place on an iPhone where I can customize it without jailbreak. I really love my wooden case.
  5. Photography. Yes, yes, hate on it all you want. I hate it too, seeing people actually think the iPhone is a way to tackle photoshoots. But it is a magnificent camera in standard conditions, daylight especially.

*Pieces marked with an asterisk will be further elaborated upon in part 2 of this article, to be posted soon.

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