Logitech officially tags its ‘G’ series peripherals for gaming.

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it's backlit glory

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it’s backlit glory

Logitech‘s G series has been around a while and while associated with gaming, it was never officially for gaming. With the announcement they released a slew of new devices, mostly updates to their current offerings. Haven’t had a chance to check out what’s new under the hood, but they did refresh the aesthetics. I like how the ‘WASD‘ keys are grey ad the rest is black. I hope they didn’t change much since I just a G700 mouse and a G510 keyboard. I do recommend both for anyone looking, and it should be offered at a discounted price with te launch

Logitech G700 gaming mouse impressions

Logitech's G700 gaming mouse

Logitech’s G700 gaming mouse


I almost forgot how comfortable my old Logitech MX Revolution mouse was until I got the G700 yesterday.  The bigger form factor on this mouse just fits my oh-so massive hands very nicely.  After spending some time using it on Windows, pointing and clicking, felt comfortable.  The textured thumb and pinky rests give it a very distinct feel, and the clicks, felt…clicky.  Setting up the whole thing was quite easy, as is opening the package.  Yeah, I am mentioning the fact that it didn’t take special tools to open the box up.  There are just some products out there that are a bitch to open, mainly blister packs, and there are some that are just near complicated to do so, and it feels like the manufacturer does not want you to start using their product.

But anyway, after unboxing the mouse, and plugging in nano receiver and downloading the latest software, you can start customizing the mouse in about 10 or so minutes.  I am pleasantly surprised too that the batteries it came with were Sanyo‘s Eneloops.  I use a bunch of them on my flash guns, and by far the best set of rechargeable’s I’ve used.

The software has a myriad of options, from setting what DPI it goes to when you press the DPI button, assigning one of the 18 buttons the mouse has.  It also auto detects installed games on your computer and allows you to set specific buttons to do what ever it is you need it to do.

Anyway, I finally was able to sit and play SWTOR for a little bit over an hour, and the only thing I can think of was “how come I never got this a long time ago”.  It felt very comfortable, and my hand did not suffer any fatigue as it normally does with my previous mouse (a Logitech MX510.. My previous MX Revolution had some issues with it double clicking when it’s not suppose to.)  Hitting each of the macro buttons were seamless. P

In any case, stay tuned for a further review on this, the Logitech G700, and also my gaming-centric keyboard.



Getting addicted to PC gaming…

So , since I have put a new PC recently, and it can pretty much run a lot of the newer stuff with out a hitch, I have been a bit on a gaming binge on the PC side. I have ignored this platform for quite sometime, mainly because the machine I was running previously couldn’t run much of anything recent.  I was recently introduced to Steam (yeah, a bit of a late comer there), and via the THQ‘s Humble Bundle, I was able to pick up a few games for a very low price, all for a good cause.  And also much recently, I was made aware, by a friend, that Star Wars: The Old Republic was now free to play.  Now I have been wanting to play SWTOR, but didn’t really see the need to pay to play as I don’t get much time to dedicate to games.  Well, since I put my new machine together, I have done nothing but play SWTOR (Jezzanorris if you want to hit me up).  Sometime ago, I picked up a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech.  I think it cost me about $19.99 for the 2 at BJ’s, but the mouse was too small for my liking, so I ended up spending another $20.00 for another wireless mouse.  Thing was they didn’t work on the same receiver, since the mouse was on a newer wireless thing that Logitech was using, and the KB/Mouse combo was using an older system.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was never fond of the K/B much since it felt too small, but it served my purpose, up until I started playing SWTOR, and Metro 2033.  To alleviate this problem, I decided to pick up a Razer Nostromo, but as I was about to pull the trigger, I got to thinking, why not just pick up a gamer-centric keyboard, instead of another peripheral. This will kill 2 birds with one stone.  So, in the end I ended up purchasing a Logitech G510.

It’s a monster of a keyboard, and actually, this post is the first time I am really using it.  It types very nicely, and feels very comfortable.  It’s also backlit, and has an LCD, and what not.  Anyway, I’ll save the thoughts and comments on it when I do a PC-build post.  I will be trying it out on SWTOR after I publish this post.  I will let you know how I like it after.   What about you guys, you have anything PC gaming specific?


Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it's backlit glory

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it’s backlit glory