Snappy Fridays – Gaming Nostalgia


Ah, Ninja Gaiden and it’s awesome 16 colour CGA graphics!

Does anyone remember when computer and console games used to be just plain frustrating, but fun to play at the same time?  Ninja Gaiden used to be one of those!


Logitech officially tags its ‘G’ series peripherals for gaming.

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it's backlit glory

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard in all it’s backlit glory

Logitech‘s G series has been around a while and while associated with gaming, it was never officially for gaming. With the announcement they released a slew of new devices, mostly updates to their current offerings. Haven’t had a chance to check out what’s new under the hood, but they did refresh the aesthetics. I like how the ‘WASD‘ keys are grey ad the rest is black. I hope they didn’t change much since I just a G700 mouse and a G510 keyboard. I do recommend both for anyone looking, and it should be offered at a discounted price with te launch

Pacquiao Down

I’m shocked. Bewildered and shocked. The first 8-division world champion, arguably one of boxing’s greatest, was put to sleep last night.

As a Filipino, it becomes a holiday when a Pacquiao fight comes around. We all gather at someone’s apartment or house or wherever and we feast until the main bout comes by. We sit there watching intently, screaming and shrieking and clapping and punching while our guy is winning.

Such is the case of the night of December 8th, 2012. While it technically was December 9th on the east coast, I’ll try not to confuse anyone.

Pacquiao was winning. Undoubtedly. He knocked down Marquez and put a beat down on him. According to his corner guy, however, Manny was straying away from the plan. I have a feeling Manny was right to stray away from the plan. But when he didn’t, boom. Lights out.

Manny was in the midst of flurries and just pounding an injured Marquez (broken nose, trouble breathing) that entire 6th round. He picked up the pace and went in for a kill shot last second. Too bad he was on the receiving end of that killshot. In a last ditch effort, Marquez tried to throw his signature right. The thunderous shot nailed Pacquiao. Next thing you know, we’re all gasping and silent, watching Jinkee Pacquiao rushing to the ring in tears.

How could this have happened to our main man? Why didn’t Pacman just back out? Why did he have to fight Marquez a fourth time? He won 2 out of 3 anyway!

I expect a fifth fight. Pacquiao can’t let this be his last.

Question: Do you like the new YouTube layout?

YouTube seems to have taken a major step in pushing subscriptions. When you subscribe to a YouTuber, their new videos get sent automatically to your subscription inbox. You primarily see the videos they upload.

You’ve always been able to do this. YouTube has always been about the user and the subscriber, sharing videos, ultimately in a way that you get to watch things that you want to watch without having to try.

Usually, YouTube does a great job with their subscriptions, albeit there are some discrepancies. Sometimes the videos don’t get pushed to your subscription inbox.

What has YouTube done that makes me want to spark this discussion? They’ve changed their entire layout. They’ve introduced something called the guide, where they are heavily pushing your subscriptions to avoid these discrepancies.

I personally like this guide concept. The new minimalist approach to YouTube is stellar. I love the way it looks (on different computers, it may look different. On my Google Chrome on my Windows 7, it looks beautiful. It happens to look horrendous on Google Chrome on my Linux Ubuntu 11.) and is definitely a good improvement.

I really do wish, however, that they implemented the use of themes. Maybe a dark theme, because there is so much white space, and that looks terrible on HD monitors.

What do you guys think? Let us know how you feel about the new YouTube layout in the comment section!

Earworm: “Powerless” by Linkin Park

Oh, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. You’ve left many people, including the Big Cheese, powerless. In fact, I only got my power back today. So yes, our dear dedicated followers, the apologies for not really posting anything palatable in the last few days. Anyway.

Today’s Earworm will be my second LP ‘worm. It’s a good song, really. Off their new album Living Things.

Although the song’s meaning has nothing to do with electrical problems, the title of the song pretty much sums up what’s going on to most of the north east that has been affected by the dreaded super-storm, no matter how long the power had been out. I for one lost power for about 3 days. The Big Cheese has had no power for 4 days and counting. Everyone hope he’s safe, because he and I just want to get back to playing Resident Evil 6. (Little hint there, take note that you should expect a “Game Corner” from us soon.)


A First Impression of: Resident Evil 6. Excited to let all hell break loose.

I think that first phrase just sums in all up.

The Big Cheese and I have been wasting away our weekends playing ridiculously fun yet extremely frustrating video games on our PS3’s.

One of our favorite games of the past year or so has been Resident Evil 5. We have literally played that game to death. But that didn’t stifle our fun. We kept playing it up until The Big Cheese broke his arm (and that’s a story for another day).

After the summer long hiatus and an uneventful waiting period, it finally released. Resident Evil 6.

Upon first glance, the third-person shooter doesn’t seem all that different from the older RE games. HOWEVER. Before actually jumping into the full game experience, Capcom was generous enough to throw in a mandatory tutorial. This 20-30 minute long prelude to the actual campaign starts with Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper. You play as Leon, learning the controls and mannerisms of the game.

I just have to say. The graphics? Beautiful. The game actually tells you to put the brightness down as low as possible (so that a grey six on the screen is barely visible). It really looks like a movie. The graphics are a sight to behold (even on my standard-def tube TV box), but of course, as any gamer should know, graphics aren’t everything. The sound is well done, too, by the way. Very detailed and crisp.

The controls are very different from the standard shooter, and will most likely be a difficult adjustment for a person that has solely been playing  Call of Duty lately, such as I.

You can play through the campaign as one of three characters, each with a different story line: Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and the aforementioned Leon S. Kennedy.

I’m really hoping for a great experience with this game, as chilling as it may be.

Many storylines= much fun.

More motivation.

People, people. What have we learned from fear? Fear causes hesitation. Don’t hesitate. It’ll make your fears come true. Go with your gut. Either you give it all you’ve got or you don’t do it at all.

Big Cheese note: please be responsible. We do not in anyway want you to hurt yourself. Do not try this at home.