Naked Snake 131

One-Eyed Snake


Looks like Revoltech is taking their Naked Snake 131 figure a step higher in the articulation ladder. Not only will this Snake be able to take on multiple poses, but he will also be able to articulate his eye, as the photo below points out. It’s reminiscent of the Hot Toys Version of the current iteration of Batman embodied by Christian Bale, whose head sculpt has fully articulated eyes as well. I can’t read Japanese so I don’t have any idea how much the eye can move, but looks cool nonetheless.




Hopefully I can snag one for myself so I can do a review on it.



Big Boss, Shut Up And Take My Money!


I hadn’t known about Revoltech until I came across this a few weeks ago while perusing the net. Turns out Kojima is working with them to make a new toy. This one in particular is called Naked Snake 131. Judging from the Sneaking Suit on the figure it’s really Big Boss from the PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (aka Naked Snake from MGS3). Here are a few photos to show more details.