big boss

Big Boss Gets Another Face Lift


Looks like Play Arts Kai is at it again. Yet another iteration of Big Boss is being “toyed” with (sorry I had to). PAK’s last outing with Snake, Liquid, and Solidus’ daddy was with the MGS Peace Walker figs, all 3 of which I happily own.

This time around, Snake seems to he designed to invoke the likeness of himself from MGSV. His face being more realistic on the powerful FOX Engine, PAK tried to reflect the same amount of detail on Snake’s head sculpt. For now it seems they’ve pulled it off. And the body itself seems to have been upgraded to FOX Engine specifications.


I think that’s what Play Arts Kai attempts to do in general with all their products, which is to capture a comic or video game character’s likeness as closely to the specific book or game as possible. They’re quite good at it. Their version of Big Boss for example looks almost exactly like in-game Big Boss. One hard comparison to do though would be, for example, the PAK MGS1 Solid Snake. If we were to use MGS1 for PSX as a reference point, difficulties would arise due to the fact that Snake had a very blocky pixelated head and near indistinguishable facial features. I’m sure that aside from certain reference photos PAK took some creative liberties here. Nonetheless Solid Snake was done justice.


Back to MGSV Big Boss, here is an initial rough draft of a 3D printout of Snake. Looks pretty stiff but PAK seems to be on the right track.



Other figures in consideration are Solidus Snake, Liquid Snake, and MGS2 Raiden.

Can’t wait to see the finished product for Big Boss!


Metal Gear Solid V – E3 Extended Trailer

This one is a bit graphic, but it show’s off the game well. ¬†The Fox Engine looks amazing, and by far one of the best looking game’s I have laid my eyes on.

Enjoy it.


Big Boss, Shut Up And Take My Money!


I hadn’t known about Revoltech until I came across this a few weeks ago while perusing the net. Turns out Kojima is working with them to make a new toy. This one in particular is called Naked Snake 131. Judging from the Sneaking Suit on the figure it’s really Big Boss from the PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (aka Naked Snake from MGS3). Here are a few photos to show more details.



Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Version Makes Its Way To The Vita


MGS fan site has reported that the PSP version of Peace Walker is already available in the PSN Store for the Vita. (Note: this is the PSP version, not a port of the version that comes with the MGS: HD Collection for PS3 and 360 that includes MGS2:SOL and MGS3:SE).

With such news surfacing though, one has to wonder why the game was never included with the Vita MGS:HD version in the first place. I’m sure it adds a bit of confusion, what with the Japanese HD version for consoles actually shipping PW separately from the collection, as it were. My radar always seems to point to companies always wanting more money from us consumers. Greedy SOBs.

Personally I have a physical UMD of PW for my PSP so I have absolutely no reason to pay for a premium download of the game. I also don’t own a Vita so that’s a factor. I don’t know who comes up with the models that dictate how certain games are sold or how they’re released but sometimes they don’t make any sense. At all. I believe that these pricing procedures hurt buyers and fans of gaming franchises in general. If I wanted to buy a Vita and had a desire to play MGSPW on it I wouldn’t be able to because the media isn’t compatible and being a download-only title for the Vita, I’d have to spend more money to reacquire a game I already own. Perhaps if there were a code to let places like PSN know that people physically own certain games that would help. Big companies aren’t that generous though.

As for Vita owners new to MGSPW you’re in for a treat as the game boasts 100+ hours of gameplay and a crucial addition to the MGS lore. Since this is the PSP version I wouldn’t expect much of a bump up in terms of visuals but at least you can play on the pretty screen Vita offers. Head over to PSN to grab a copy right now.