Batman: Arkham Knight – Impressions

image Not too long ago I picked up Rocksteady’s last installment on the Batman series.  Their take on the Batman franchise has been well coveted.  I do own the games for PC on Steam, as well as having, I think, Batman: Arkham City on PS3 via their PS+.  I picked up this game for the PlayStation 4


To be honest, I’ve only played like 15 minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first entry for Rocksteady.  I really don’t know why I never got into this in the past.  I think it came out when I was taking a small hiatus in gaming and I could never find the right time to squeeze it in. Anyway, this was one of the games I was looking forward to when it was announced.  I even did a trailer post when it was revealed over a year ago.


Did my excitement die down? A little bit.  A lot has happened since the announcement and release date, so for me, gaming in general has taken a back seat.  But for the first 30 minutes that I have played, it’s been great so far. The graphics, as you may have seen from trailers and TV spots, are freaking amazing. The voice work – incredible.  I even like the Batmobile implementation and its awesome tank mode.


The fighting mechanics, so far, has left me a bit underwhelmed.  Now, granted I’ve only fought like twice, but it didn’t blow my socks off.  There’s still a lot of time for me to love it.


I did also pick up the season pass, and I tried out Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of Family.  I really like it so far since it implements Robin in the gameplay, and you can do double take downs and what not then switch out to him in the meantime while fighting.  I think the same can be done in the regular game. I may try to finish that first, since it’s probably shorter, and my time allotted to play games, these days, is really limited.


All in all, I am enjoying my limited time playing Batman: Arkham Knight.  I will keep everyone posted on my progress.  Hopefully I don’t pick up another game in the process and start playing that.


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