Random Photos – Doylestown, PA

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since we have done a serious stream of posts. Life has been crazy to say the least. I am now a proud new father, and just that alone has taken up my free time. Leading up to this, with all the preparations has eaten up every fiber of my being, as well as my wife. Anyhow, I am hoping to start a new series of posts, simply called ‘Random Photos’ and with a sub-heading of the town I happen to be taking those photos.

Today’s entry is from my current home town, Doylestown, PA. I shot these with a Fuji X100S in raw, edited in Adobe Lightroom to taste. Oh, and I suck at street photography, so bear with it. LoL

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Jezza’s Film Follies – (Digital Eyes, Analog Body)

Colours are nice and vibrant

Colours are nice and vibrant

I have to seriously use the film that I get within its sell by date. Having said that, this is the 2nd to last roll of film I have had sitting around for over a year.  That film in question is Fujifilm’s Pro 400h color negative film.  This didn’t have that colour shift that I got from my previous old roll of film (Kodak Chrome 100) which the post can be read here.  But then again, that roll was, I would guess, about 10 years old.


Jezza’s Film Follies (Out Takes)

Flat Iron Rear End

Flat Iron Rear End

So like I mentioned in my previous follies post, I had my ISO set to 400 instead of 50, and well, the first half of my roll wasn’t so great. (more…)