Jezza’s Film Follies (When Good Film Goes Bad)


I seriously don’t know when I got this roll

So I finally finished one of my very very old rolls of Kodak Elite Chrome I’ve had laying around.  How old you ask? Probably close to 11 years.  I vaguely remember purchasing this along with 2 rolls of Ilford black and white film, which I just only finished recently. 

On top of that, I didn’t freeze these rolls,so….


One of the first shots, this was the Maryland countryside, of course it would’ve looked better If I hadn’t used super expired film

But still I was skeptical, I was hoping that something usable will come out, so I loaded her up on my Nikon F100.  It took me about a month to finish the roll. Perhaps if I had finished it on a timely manner, the magenta shift would not have been so apparent on the earlier frames.


This photo of Cheesecake was taken last Saturday. As you can see there’s still a ton of magenta,but not as pronounced as the photo above of the Maryland countryside.

All in all, I was half expecting it to be like this, but I just had to see what came out of it.  I can easily, and will probably turn all of these into black and white.  The shots themselves came out good, though a tad underexposed on some shots. I have a few more rolls that are a few years old, perhaps it’s time to get around to using those.

Anyhow, below are more pics from this expired roll of Kodak Elite Chrome 200.


Flat Iron Building …. Again…


Concrete Jungle, redux


Taking flight. I really love this shot even though I cut off the right side. I might work on this more later on.

78561E1-R01-026 78561E1-R01-035 78561E1-R01-013

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