Earworm: Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now

Day 2 of our female artist earworm week, and today we shall share with you another 80’s pop icon, Tiffany.  Her and Debbie Gibson battled it out back in the day.  I do however prefer more of Debbie’s songs.  Anyway, enjoy this great 80’s hit.

Earworm: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

One of the newer bands that has come out recently that I actually like.  They have a nice beat, and doesn’t sound like the rest of them.  Anyway, their video for Radioactive is pretty weird.  It has Lou Diamond Phillips as the ring leader for some underground stuffed animal/puppet fighting ring.  Anyway, watch for yourself if you haven’t already.


Earworm: Eminem – Berzerk (Explicit)

Eiminem’s new single from his upcoming Marshall Mathers LP2 album came out recently.  It’s always refreshing to hear him bring something new out, even if it’s a small part in someone else’s song.  I think Em is back to form in this single.  He samples Billy Squire’s The Stroke.  It works perfectly.  I just heard it a few times the past few day’s and it’s quickly become one of my favorite songs of this year.