Snappy Friday – Wedding Bells!

Erika getting prepped for her big day!

Erika getting prepped for her big day!

Hi, everyone!  I spent the day snapping pics of my long time friend, Erika, today!  As you can see, it was her wedding day!  So I was under a semi “media blackout” – haha!

I haven’t forgotten the bicycle race pics – I dropped off my rolls of film yesterday afternoon and I’m hoping they will be scanned and ready for next week. Also, this weekend is chock full of stuff for me to do, so I’ll be posting more pics next week.

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Earworm: “Forever” – Chris Brown

A good buddy of mine is getting married today, (Congratulations to Dan and Julie!) and weddings, right now anyway, remind me of this one video I saw on you tube.  Instead of the traditional entrance, the couple entered on Chris Brown’s Forever.  Correction, the wedding party entered on Chris Brown’s Forever.

With the tremendous response to their wedding entrance, they have set up a website that points helping donations towards domestic violence.

And of course here’s the actual video for Forever.