Damien Rice Has Worms

OK so the title for this post shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s just some wordplay so if I’ve alarmed any Damien Rice fans I apologize. It’s a general thing I do when posting any subject matter related to an Earworm post. Such as The Blower’s Daughter, a Rice track that hit real big in 2001, and was included in the OST to the 2004 movie Closer. (more…)

Happy Valentines day to all!

From myself and Cheesecake, I Just Wrote a Blog would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.

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Earworm: “Novacane” by Frank Ocean

Ah, the last Earworm of 2012. I’ve featured Frank Ocean on our Earworm category once before, and I definitely have to feature the sensational artist once more. His music changed my ears forever.

Because of Frank, I was able to remind myself that listening to music is not limited to one genre.

All kinds of music are supposed to be enjoyed. It’s entertainment.

Novacane is one of the Odd Future member’s biggest hits, and it came off of his nostalgia,ULTRA. EP.

I’ve loved this song for the longest time, it’s cracked my top 10 list of favorite songs (and if you think that’s a hint to me posting an Earworm Top 10, you’re a genius. Unless you realized as soon as I said it).

Nevertheless, here, I present to you all, the last Earworm of 2012. Novacane by Frank Ocean.

Earworm: “I Would Do Anything For You” by Foster the People

Indie music. Fun, experimental sounds that grab your attention.

I’ve fallen in love (with indie music) and it’s better than before… and this is one of the songs that I recently discovered with Spotify.

Foster the People gained mainstream success in the past year with the song Pumped Up Kicks, but most of the people I know don’t even bother to look into the rest of a band’s music if they like the sound of one song.

Have a listen, bros! To me, it isn’t just an Earworm, but an eargasm as well. Let us know down in the comments section what you think of the song!

Earworm: Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park

Okay, a first for me, and more to come in the future.

This is my first Earworm post chronicling my favorite band of all time. I’d held back on writing about them, for their songs are literally always stuck in my head. I know the lyrics to all the songs off of their 5 albums, trust me. The Big Cheese can attest to this.

But this one is special. Although it isn’t the first song I heard off the album (it would’ve been “Burn it Down”), it, for me, marked the return of Mike’s rap, something that has been gone for a while. It reared its head here and there, but in “Lost in the Echo,” it became obvious clear that Mike Shinoda still has the rhythm and rhyme.

During an assembly for school, a video was shown. The title intro song? LOST IN THE ECHO. I damn near just got up out of my seat, walked on stage, and started singing it. Wish I had.

Oh, and the music video just came out, about a month ago. It released as an interactive video. You linked your Facebook account to the video and the characters interacted with you, using your photos as the memories that were “lost in the echo.”

Earworm (Cartoon Themes): “Gotta Catch Em All!” Pokémon Theme Song.

This theme song is one of the very best. Like no one’s ever was. It caught all fans. Sorry. Getting too corny here. Pokémon is hands down one of my all time favorite shows. This theme song is insanely catchy. Prepare to be Earwormed. (Although I couldn’t quote exactly find the real video to accompany this wonderful example of my childhood, this should suffice.)

[Edit: added video – Big Cheese]

And the full version.

Earworm: “Forever” – Chris Brown

A good buddy of mine is getting married today, (Congratulations to Dan and Julie!) and weddings, right now anyway, remind me of this one video I saw on you tube.  Instead of the traditional entrance, the couple entered on Chris Brown’s Forever.  Correction, the wedding party entered on Chris Brown’s Forever.

With the tremendous response to their wedding entrance, they have set up a website that points helping donations towards domestic violence.

And of course here’s the actual video for Forever.

Earworm: God Bless… We Will Never Forget 9/11/01

Today is a day of remembrance.

Take the time out of your day to realize how lucky you are to still be here today.

Those men and women who fell victim on that tragic day will never be forgotten. Remember them.

Remember the proud men and women who risked and lost their lives to attempt to save the victims. They, too, were victims in their own right. But they were heroes. Remember the heroes.

Now, this is tonight’s first Earworm post of a 3 parter from me.

First off, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”


Earworm: “Goodnight Moon” by Go Radio.

Guys, I’m really sorry that I’ve been slacking on my posts. I went stagnant, had to deal with a bunch of kids this past weekend, and I really have to get back on my grind. So here it is, my Earworm for today.

Just a soothing tune, a song to calm the mind and relax with. A ballad for lovers and the hopelessly romantic.

But damn, is this a good song. Go Radio is a rock band from Florida, formed by former vocalist/guitarist/lyricist of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster. The dude has an angelic voice, and I think that, along with the piano ringing in the background, makes the whole song.

I found out about this song way back when, around last Halloween, I believe. And I have never truly gotten rid of it in my mind.

(Yes, the children’s story, “Goodnight Moon,” inspired the song.)