Earworm (Cartoon Themes): “Gotta Catch Em All!” Pokémon Theme Song.

This theme song is one of the very best. Like no one’s ever was. It caught all fans. Sorry. Getting too corny here. Pokémon is hands down one of my all time favorite shows. This theme song is insanely catchy. Prepare to be Earwormed. (Although I couldn’t quote exactly find the real video to accompany this wonderful example of my childhood, this should suffice.)

[Edit: added video – Big Cheese]

And the full version.

I should sell mine.

You know, I’ve had one of these for the longest time. I asked for it for Christmas some point along the line, and lo and behold, I got it. A Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk. A life size replica of the cool contraption used in the animated series, it’s worth around 100 dollars, according to several online sellers. I think I’ll wait a few more years, then I’ll sell it when it’s worth more. Toys, man. Always a great thing.