Mobil-blog: Normalcy

The lack of heat and lights at my house is getting tiring, but, at least that’s the only thing I have to bitch about. A lot have no homes to even get to.  So for those that bitch and moan about not having power or TV, be thankful. It could be a lot worse.

Having said that it’s nice to have a functioning cell/data service from Verizon and a mall to warm up in.  Sitting here amongst the number of powerless refugees to charge up, warm up and just not be at home. Having a proper cup of coffee helps.

Normalcy is what we all need. Whether its going back to work or just doing Any activity like running or drinking coffee, anything to help us not think of what just happened and sort of move on.

I’m still not at work due to commuting complications and lack of power in our office.  So I’m trying to find my own normalcy.  Coffee helps…


My normalcy

Stay frosty everyone.

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