Day: April 21, 2013

Fast & Furious follies

Friend of mine shared this with me, it’s Sung Kang or Hahn from the Fast & Furious movies doing a faux car show called “Car Talk with Sung Kang”.  It’s funny.


Today’s games re-imagined…

..Kinda.  I cam across this from another friends FaceSpace page, and thought it was quite interesting.  What if the game’s we played today were done back in the 8 and 16 bit era.  Wait, scratch that, they were done back then but with different names, and well, with the limited tech, different perspectives.  As a long time gamer, I can’t help but see this parallel.  It also makes me excited at how much better it will be in the future.  I was blown away when I first played Gran Turismo 3 for the PS2, and now, I still get constantly blown away by the games that come out.  Let’s just hope no one ruins it for us, and gives us craptastic titles, with this current head hunt on violence in video games.  Time will tell.


Original Article from Geekosystem