Day: April 12, 2013

Game Shop – Thrift Shop Parody

We love Macklmore and Ryan Lewis‘ song Thrift Shop, heck, Patrick brought it to our attention well before it started being overplayed in the air waves.  Anyway, this particular parody is geared towards gamers, and it’s pretty funny.  Love all the references they threw in there.  This was made by IGN, and it has some cameo’s from other You-Tubers.




I saw this on the Facebooks, and I thought i’d like to share with everyone else.  Upcoming Marvel movies!  I so geeked out when I saw this.  I was surprised with Fantastic Four being there.  I hope they can resurrect it, so we can all completely forget the Fox made ones.  Correction, this will be a reboot, and it will still be made by Fox.

Upcoming Marvel Movies

Upcoming Marvel Movies