Day: April 8, 2013

Use your Dual Shock 3 with your Android phone..

…as long as it’s an Xperia from Sony.  One reason I never played more games than the usual bubble blast type or puzzle matching game on my phone was due to the fact that virtual controls suck ass.  I just need the physical feel of a click, something tactile.  I tried, I tried many times, but I just end up getting frustrated.  But now, Sony will be allowing us to pair up our trusty old DS3 controllers with our Xperia devices.  Sadly, I don’t have an Xperia phone, but that’s just a slight technicality.  I’m sure someone out there will be able to make it work on other Android handsets.  Of course there’s the Samsung BT controller coming out soon, but it’s shaped like an XB360 controller, and I prefer Sony’s offerings.


Watch the video..






Today, I will present to you a story. Something we haven’t done here on JWAB before is post fiction. We’ve never come up with some short stories (not articles) to maybe entertain (or in today’s case, confuse) the audience.