Gran Turismo 6 announced


To celebrate Gran Turismo’s 15th anniversary, Sony announced it’s 6th iteration.  This sort of came out of left field, but I had an inkling that it will be announced when they started posting Gran Turismo History on FB.  I’ve been a huge fan since it’s release, and have owned every Playstation release (sans PSP version), and I am just revving with anticipation.  It is set to be released this holiday season, and perhaps a PS4 variant as well.  I have to start workin extra OT, and save every penny for this coming holidays.

Check out the announcement video below, and intro’s to the previous GT releases.


Gran Turismo Retrospective trailer (shows GT in all it’s iterations.  very cool trailer)


Gran Turismo 5 e3 Trailer (5OUL ON D!SPLAY – Daiki Kasho)


Gran Turismo 5 Opening Movie (Planetary GO – My Chemical Romance)


Gran Turismo 4 Opening Movie (Panama – Van Halen – My personal favorite, it just fits)


Gran Turismo 3 Opening Movie (Are you Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz)


Gran Turismo 2 Opening Movie (My Favourite GameThe Cardigans)


Gran Turismo 1 Opening Movie (Everything Must Go – Manic Street Preachers: Go Brothers Remix)


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