XBox One Announced – Impressions


Looks like my cable box


Microsoft announced it’s next console at a press event earlier today.  I’ve been sort of following it through out the day, grabbing little tid bits here and there .  From what I gather, it looks like it will be more than a gaming machine, it will be an all in one media type hub. It’s pretty much made to look to sit right next to your cable box and make it not so stand off-ish.  I am not too crazy on the looks, but at the same time I don’t mind it.  It’s made to be one with your home entertainment center, and it wont stick out like a sore thumb.  Microsoft also announced a new Kinect to go along with the XB1, and you cannot have an XB1 without a Kinect since it sort of needs it.

Don’t like the fact that you are tied to the Kinect, but I guess you can view it as having a Wii Motion Sensor but beefed up.  It’s another thing that will break, and in my mind, can be avoided, but somehow, you need a Kinect for the XB1 to work.

The controller looks about the same as the old XB360’s.  Some changes of course, but overall, like the PS4, it retains that shape we all are used to already.

Hardware specs wise, it seems to be on par with the PS4.  Both are running AMD chips on x86 architecture, both will have 8 GB of RAM (though PS4 will use GDDR5 as opposed to DDR3 on the XB1), DX 11.1 graphics capabilities, 500 GB of storage and a bevy of wireless signals, and USB 3 ports.  It will be able to support 4k also.  No real details on what the hardware can do as of yet.

They did show off some trailers, which look pretty impressive, but for some reason it didn’t have the same ‘oomph’ that the PS4 ones did.  But this was a fairly short event, so I’ll hold my reservations on that for now.

To be honest, I’m not as wowed with this.  It may very well blow my socks off later on, but as of now, I am putting my money on Ps4 first.  The tied to Kinect feature was a bit of a let down for me, but other than that, it looks like it’s going to be a powerhouse of a unit.  It’s up to the developers to really tie all what it can offer together.

I am excited to see what can be done with this and the PS4.  Hardware specs wise, both seem to be going at it neck and neck, and it will be exciting to see what sort of edge each machine can offer to the gamers.  Not all that media stuff, but on the games itself.  I couldn’t care less if it can handle Netflix and what not, but I want to see what it will be able to offer to us, the gamers, on the gaming side of things.  I need to do some more reading on this, and digest all the info that’s been outed.  Update’s to follow.




  1. I have to say they’ve come a long long way. I had low hopes for this. I’m a graphic designer and use apple devices and I remember how long it took to set up seamless streaming on the 360. The ps3 however, was a cakewalk. Still though it looks like they’re learning from Nintendo and breaking into a wider market. One huge thing that sold me is the redesign of the d pad. It seems small- but Xbox controllers are ergonomic and built for hours of play. With the new design it makes it easier to play fighting games as well. This is huge!! It’s looking like its going to be the all around console.
    It’s a bit of a hummer because I was a ps2 fan girl. But ps3 just… Meh. It’s good for streaming video but it could have been so much better. I feel like an American saying this but, I’m just not quite sold on the next hen playstation. I’ll get it anyway but…. MIT for a while.
    If this post makes no sense I blame the booze :D. Keep it coming, I love your blog

    1. Drunken comments. I love it. I never got into the Xbox. I have it but bit just sits there. I hear you though, it could’ve been a lot better. Will see what e3 has in store. I am excited that’s for sure. Let’s see gets my mine first lol. Sony is edging a bit.

      Thanks for the love BTW. Time is not my friend right now, but we do have things on the horizon.

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