So This Is What It’s Like To Be NEO


While perusing the internetz I came across an interesting game called SUPERHOT. It’s an FPS game, though not a typical shooter where you run around shooting baddies blindly. It comes with a bit of strategy. You see, the game mechanic is that TIME MOVES WHEN YOU MOVE and TIME STOPS WHEN YOU STOP.


It’s all pretty Matrix-esque in that when enemies shoot at you, as long as you’re standing still, the bullets will come at you super slow mo. Once you start moving an inch time speeds up and so so the bullets. In essence it’s like freeze tag. I miss freeze tag.


I like the simplicity of it and its minimalist aesthetic is a welcome change from the “HEY LOOK HOW FUCKING BEAUTIFUL THESE OCEAN RIPPLES LOOK!” obligatory high number of polygons and resolution all games MUST live up to today. Don’t get me wrong, I too, love a great looking game. SuperHot though, is not bound by such strictures. Here’s a trailer:

It’s actually a bit reminiscent of Portal with it’s simplicity and problem solving. Only this time instead of trying to figure out how to get out of indoor structures, we have to dodge bullets, grab a gun, and take out our adversary first before the oncoming bullets reach us in bullet time. Try it for yourself pro bono.

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Source: SuperHotGameKotaku

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