MGSV Xbox One Demo


Wow, the gameplay demos from Kojima just keep coming! Granted, it’s footage from the two prior demos that were last shown, but this time we get a twofer AND they’re showing off what the Xbox One can do with it.

If you haven’t paid attention to the TGS gameplay yet here’re both of them in one video for your viewing pleasure:

If you already saw the other two then there’s nothing too surprising about this demo. It shows basically the same exact routes that the player took previously from the nighttime and dusk showings. This is unfortunate because Kojima could have taken advantage and shown other routes players can take to get to the same goal. MGSV is supposed to be OPEN WORLD after all, right Hideo?? The only real difference is the buttons are the Xbox One XYAB instead of the PS4 triangle, square, circle, and X.

There WAS however, one detail in the demo which I noticed and found a bit of humor in. In the 2nd part of the video, the Dusk gameplay, Snake has to extract information from a specific soldier for the whereabouts of a certain cassette tape (gotta love the 80’s, man) which probably contains classified information.

[The whole thing is in Japanese so I just gathered what I could from the visuals.]


[MGS Peace Walker with Sony Walkman as in-game item.]

As Snake makes his way to the location of said tape, while dispatching other enemy soldiers, he finally gets a hold of it, zooms in and the sticker on the tape says “SONY” smack dab on top of it! I don’t know about you but I find this hilarious. Why? Well, for one thing, this is a demo showing off the Xbox One, a Microsoft console AKA a direct competitor of Sony’s PS4. Just look at my header photo. Hideo is on the upper right corner sitting in front of the green background with the logo right behind him. I don’t know if this is his way of poking fun at the console (because console rivalries) or to keep the sense of continuity with MGSV and the last MGS game, Peace Walker, which was a Sony PSP exclusive at the time and had Sony products within the game (Sony Walkman, Sony cassette tapes). Or maybe both.


Another point I’ll mention is that Peace Walker became included with the MGS HD Collection, which went multi platform and made its way, not only to Sony PS3, but to the Xbox 360. Again PW had Sony items imbedded within the game.


Somehow I don’t think Sony OR Microsoft really give a shit, basically. For Sony it’s probably a huge TROLL and satisfaction. For MS it’s most likely the fact that more MGS product is making its way to anything MS related at all, so they probably said “Fuck It!” And KONAMI? Well, they’re probably just sitting on their asses, “laughing and growing fat.”

To sum it all up, I consider this a huge WIN for all of us gamers out there. Kojima is making MGSV for current AND next gen Sony and MS consoles, as we all know. This means more gamers can experience the goodness that is Metal Gear, and have a laugh or two, even if it seems at Microsoft’s expense.


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