Monogamous Relationship. Kinda


OK, before any of you get in an uproar about my header title, Yes, MGSV is still a multiplatform/cross platform game being released on current and next gen hardware.

That part hasn’t changed. Actually, everything is pretty much the same. What’s different though, is that there will be Exclusive Content only for the Playstation platform. Seriously, check out the photo for yourself:


Well it’s a bit hard to discern, given the perspective of the screen being askew, but it says it all right there:

• “The prologue of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”

• “Takes place in 1975, after Peace Walker and nine years before The Phantom Pain”

• “Multiple missions with a main story and side-Ops Missions”

“Exclusive content for the PlayStation platforms”

• “Spring 2014″

Whether this Exclusive Content is DLC, additional multiplayer features, or otherwise is still up for debate. We will likely get more info as time presses on. I suppose this is a nice incentive for those still hard pressed about which next gen system to get if you already haven’t preordered one. Consequently, this sounds like a huge boon for PS3 owners, myself included. And for those who are planning to wait out this next gen thing till next year, again myself included, this is a treat.

Keep it locked.


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