Day: March 27, 2014

MGSV: GZ – A Gameplay Convo Between Nekked Snake & Big Cheese


So last night was another gameplay session with MGSV: Ground Zeroes. This time I got Big Cheese in on the action. We were having a conversation over messaging platforms while in gameplay mode. Me on my Mac while playing GZ (PS3), and Big Cheese on his PC also while playing (PS4). This is an off the cuff account of what transpired during last night’s session. We talk about the companion app, throwing guards off cliffs, crazy gltches, and other nonsense. Also, this was a late session that lasted another number of hours into the wee ours of the night (3AM). So we may sound like 30 Somethings regressing back into our old high school ways. So forgive the unintentional grammatical ineptitude. Enjoy!


Nekked Snake: ima try to kidnap, haha

Big Cheese: how u kidnap

oh yeah

throw them in the chopper

im gonna try that now too

Nekked Snake: haha

time to fire up the app

Big Cheese: lol

kidnapped 3 so far now

Nekked Snake: try to get that companion app to work and take SCREEN TRANSFERS

[Obviously I love this app]


Big Cheese: um

i have a share button

just tagged u 


Nekked Snake: word that’s true, haha

i LOVE calling chopper from app. so easy

u can see the chopper on the device flying in

i also got 3 so far


Big Cheese: fuck had to kill 3

Nekked Snake: chopper was getting shot at earlier but i didn’t get spotted


use FLARE NADES if u can’t get to a specific LZ

Big Cheese: word

Nekked Snake: fuck i only have 4 flares…

dope thing about using app to call chopper. i can run in game while doing it on my phone, haha

so im extracting while chopper is coming

2 birds 1 stone

Big Cheese: i usually call him right before i run back

im about to get the 4th POW

Nekked Snake: i carry at least 1 guard in case the other one wakes i just CHUCK the one im carrying at them haha

Big Cheese: lol

R1 right

Nekked Snake: yesssir

you’d appreciate this way more if u played MGS3, PO, and PW.. cuz GZ expands on everything.. loving this

in PW there are Fulton balloons u can just hook to POWs or guards

TPP supposedly will have them too

Big Cheese: R1 is BINOS

R2 for me

Nekked Snake: you’re on ps4 so

could be diff

for me it’s R1

Big Cheese: did u change ur controls?

Nekked Snake: btw i use my NVG to bolster TAGGING



just found out that if your chopper leaves u can call it back asap by placing target marker

Big Cheese: whats ur L2?

Nekked Snake: L2 is radio for me

Big Cheese: thats L1 for me

L2 is aim

Nekked Snake: im using default controls

Big Cheese: R2 is throw

R1 is BINO

same here

Nekked Snake: yuck L2 aim?

R2 is also binos for me

Big Cheese: uploading a clip of me tossing a guy off a cliff lol

Nekked Snake: haha it’s fun right???

Big Cheese: shared it on ur timeline

Nekked Snake: kidnapped like 7 guards so far.. i really have to choose another LZ


ima go to the prison camp and tag more guards

gonna leave the POWs for now

cuz after i get all the guards i can do whatever the fuck i want!

Big Cheese: this is fun

just picking them off one by one

running out of darts

Nekked Snake: i have 6 darts left

gotta find the storage trailer

Big Cheese: got lucky w/ a KO’ed one

Nekked Snake: the last one woke up when i went to get another guard so i threw the one on my back into him cuz he was shooting the chopper.. i love this game

instant KO!

Yo try to Penguin dive off the search tower

Big Cheese: thats it for now time for InFamous: Second Son

(At this point in time I’m (Nekked Snake) the only one still talking about Ground Zeroes)

Nekked Snake: it’s funny

cuz snake will dive then fall normal but land prone

Big Cheese: cool

Nekked Snake: two guards got shot by my chopper haha

i got caught 3 times but still alive!

i lost a guard i was carrying over my shoulder while running to an LZ cuz i was getting shot at, slipped off the side of the cliff and caught myself but dropped the guard into the ocean hahaha

4 POWs and 2 guards to kidnap


Big Cheese: lol

Nekked Snake: i should throw chico into the ocean hahaha

oh shit cool

Big Cheese: lol

did u ?

Nekked Snake: nono, chill, hahaha

probably would result in a TIME PARADOX haha

so when u find chico he gives u a tape i the cutscene right? well if u skip the scene, and put chico in the chopper u still get the tape but a diff shorter cutscene where the tape falls out of chico’s pkt and out of the chopper.

snake then finds it

oh wow..

here’s a glitch for u…

when i tranqed some guards they disappeared

Big Cheese: lol

Nekked Snake: i noticed cuz im using my NVGs

but then after running back to their location they reappeared



im out of darts.. fuck


i can put dead bodies in the chopper! haha


Big Cheese: lol

Nekked Snake: cannot wait what either Kaz will say in GZ or TPP..if anything


another dead body

First XOF patch!


here another glitch: i put another guard in the chopper after interrogating him, but when i was running around Kaz called me telling me how to get answers from the guard.. weird

appears to be only 1 guard on my map left.. although that could be just cuz i haven’t tagged anyone lately

one of the turrets are smoking.. i guess my chopper took it out earlier

Big Cheese: theres’ spose to be 40

Nekked Snake: yep

i cleared out most of them on the outside

im dealing with 3 more

then gonna go downstairs to paz

also, another dead body

these bastards wake up too fast from cqc

i need darts

i have 2 guards KOed and one still standing guard but super far so im picking up and throwing them like skipping stones to get closer to the 3rd one, KO him, then call chopper

Big Cheese: Haha

Nekked Snake: i keep having to throw one into the other to keep them KOed haha

shit the 3rd one is behind a door

got the fucker

WTF the 3rd one disappeared!!

yet another glitch wow

Big Cheese: lol

Nekked Snake: fuck it chopper time

the 3rd KOed guard just reappeared in the distance haha

WTF the other 2 disappeared now

there’s no one there now but my chopper getting shot at by imaginary bullets

Big Cheese: lol

Nekked Snake: just found a motherfucker in a tower. i think that’s who spotted me

damn it, haha

just restarted checkpoint cuz chico died in the chopper WTF

Big Cheese: I wonder if I can recreate those glitches

Nekked Snake: maybe u can

oh shit since i restarted check point i have darts, sweet

Big Cheese: Nice

Nekked Snake: oh wow, found an RPG


wtf? it’s like the game can’t handle more than 3 guards down or something.. 

3 guards were Z’ed. i darted a 4th. carried to the 3 guards, and only see 2.. wow bro, hahaha

definitely NOT like a typical MGS game where i can have an assload of guards Z’ed in one screen

ok now i z’ed 2 more

let’s see what happens



Big Cheese: Hm article looming?

Happened again?

Nekked Snake: i carried one of them to the 4 guards and 2 disappear!!


wow dude wow..

so i tried running toward camera with the guards BEHIND me to see what would happen to the bodies

they would fade in and out as i read the other z’ed guard.. this is hilarious!

yes another looming article

This time they all appeared since I decided to walk TOWARD camera

gonna try to get a chopper in since the guard at the watch tower is z’ed

they fade in and out man this is nuts

kinda breaks the game a bit

cuz if a guard is invisible u can’t see when they wake up, 

then you’re fucking busted

seems the game cannot handle 3 downed guards at the same time

Big Cheese: Gonna try tomorrow anyway I’m out


Nekked Snake: peace

with the exception of maybe 3 guards i kidnapped all of them + the POWs. and rescued Paz. score!


RANK C. I will have to do things faster best time. At least I didn’t kill anyone!



Looking forward to yet another Playthrough with another self appointed goal. Check us out next time!