Day: March 20, 2014

Hot Toys MGR Raiden Lets It RIPPP!


Hot Toys has done it again, boys and girls. They’ve managed to shrink another pseudo normal human sized character from a video game into 1:6th scale and venture into the Uncanny Valley.


Kojima Productions Presents

Seems Hideo Kojima is crossing media again. Hot on the heels of the MGSV: Ground Zeroes launch, Hideo has also launched his own channel of sorts. From video games, talks of a Metal Gear movie, and now he’s bringing to us his own talk show. Dubbed “KOJIMA STATION”, the first episode has become available on the Konami Japan site and is available in English and Japanese. Since I totally suck at understanding a lick of Japanese, I’ve supplied the English version above. You can also check out the website in my source link below. However, if you ARE fluent in Japanese, or just prefer listening to the dialect, the link to that version can be found here. One interesting thing to note between both versions is that the English version is just about 45 minutes, whereas the Japanese dub is a few minutes past an hour and a half.

Source: Kojima Station