MGSV: Ground Zeroes iDroid – IT’S REAL!


Holy smokes, the iDroid is real! OK, well it’s real in the sense that Hideo Kojima actually had a case designed to it’s exact likeness from MGSV: Ground Zeroes.

Kojima partnered up with toy company Sentinel Co Ltd in Japan to come up with this case, which as of now is made only for the iPhone. The case seems to surround the whole iPhone, which is powered by the phone itself.







The holographic light turns on, though sadly it’s not a real functioning holograph. Gimmicky, yes, but still pretty awesome. Apparently according to Hideo there will be more details tomorrow so I’ll keep you guys posted. Imagine cosplaying as Snake/Big Boss with this in your hand with the Ground Zeroes Companion App activated!


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter


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