Kojima Station Episode 8 (ENGLISH + TPP Footage!!!)

Above is the English version of the latest episode of Kojima Station. Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, and Ludvig Forssell were actually having a lot of technical difficulties during the live stream that I was watching so this is their shortened edited version, cutting out the first 15 or so minutes of video cuts. In this episode they also discuss the journey the MGS franchise has had over its 25 years and go into the scale comparison of The Phantom Pain map size versus all the previous MGS games put together. Fast forwarding to 20:50 will get you to the same minute and a half’s worth of TPP gameplay that was shown in the Japanese episode. This is virtually the same gameplay sequence, showing the return of the BOX and the few techniques that players can do while it is equipped.

For the Japanese episode you can jump in here.

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