Konami Tossing Us More Bread Crumbs


A little bit here. A little bit there. That’s been Kojima’s style for as long as I can remember him with all the MGS games. The Phantom Pain is no exception. Every little morsel of information, May it be a trailer, gameplay clip, or a few photos here and there, is just as delicious as the last bit. And here are some more photos for you guys and gals to drool over:




What’s peaking my interest is how the last photo above looks strikingly similar to this shot from MGS3: Snake Eater.


Maybe it foretells how the beginning of the first mission in TPP will be shot. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Who knows. But I’ll tell you this…Kojima does Not deal in mere coincidences. What he shows his fans is very deliberate and matter of fact. No accidents. He’s always got a reason for doing what he does with MGS.

Also worth noting is this pic of Ocelot.


It looks to be cropping of a larger poster of some kind. Perhaps some upcoming marketing material for fans to purchase. Time will tell. More posts shall be forthcoming as news spreads.

Stay tuned…

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