Day: July 31, 2015

Snappy Fridays – Locked and Loaded!

I’m ready for a long weekend of camping! ASA 100! E-6? What?!  Yep!  Locked and loaded into Penny and ready to go!


Have a great long weekend!

Snappy Fridays – Sys Admin Day

I’m willing to bet there are a few IT system or network administrators/(anal)ysts out there who have pulled a practical joke or two on several people in the office!  Well, to those of you who work in this capacity, this one’s for you!  Take a look at the video in the page I’ve linked below.

Happy Sys Admin Day!

Snappy Friday’s – Breakfast!

Happy Friday to all!!  I have to say it’s been a tough week as you may have noticed.  Myself and Alvin has been absent from our regularly scheduled posts.  We will resume usual non-sense next week.  For now enjoy this picture of a bacon and egg on a roll with hot sauce, my usual Friday breakfast.

You know you want one too!

You know you want one too!