Month: June 2015

Weekend With Canon (A 3-Part Mini-Series) – Part “the first”: The Body of the 5DS

It's nice of Canon to reminds us to Bring It.  You know extra memory cards, batteries, lenses, etc.,

It’s nice of Canon to reminds us to Bring It.  You know: extra memory cards, batteries, lenses, etc.

Thank you to Fotocare for holding this rental for me.  <-Useless plug, well maybe.

Let me get something out of the way first. Canon’s 5DS is the first Canon DSLR that I have spent any significant time with. I have shot DRebels, and A 7D Mk1, but only for a few shots, and really just a quick look with some of my various friends gears.

Having said that, the main reason why I never really considered Canon (more…)

Alvin’s Film Follies (Part V – The First T-Max Encounter…)

Union Station and L Condominiums

Union Station and L Condominiums – Curves adjusted in post.

I find it funny that I’m still hunting for my favourite everyday black and white film, but I shouldn’t be surprised – there is so much variety in terms of brands, product lines and film speed to choose from.  As you know, I’ve limited my choices to 100 speed film.  When I discussed some of my findings with Jon he popped me a question: Why I haven’t tried the Kodak T-Max yet?  To be honest, the thought never really crossed my mind.


Shoot out!


Shooting Canon’s 5DS has been challenging to say the least.  Challenging in a sense that I truly hate it’s ergonomics.

Anyway, resolution wise my old D700 won’t be able to keep up, but let’s see how my Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D holds up against the much more expensive and much bigger Canon 50mm F1.2 L II

Will be shooting comparison shots throughout the day.  Stay tuned.

Snappy Fridays

We, here at, decided to keep Fridays light since everyone, including you, is in a rush to get where they need to go for the weekend (especially after working at our full-time jobs!)  So any participating editor here will be posting up a snapshot every Friday that was taken using any camera (Cellphone, DSLR, Film…Polaroid?) during the week.  The subject can be anything.

Stay posted…


Alvin’s Film Follies (Part IV – “VERY FIRST INFRARED – Disaster Averted.”)

Infrared Photo of Old Toronto City Hall

Infrared Photo of Old Toronto City Hall. I am assuming that the “dark face” of the clock was reflecting little to no infrared light to my camera.

Even before I picked up the Fuji Acros film (mentioned in my last post), I had walked into the Henry‘s Camera Shop down the street from DC and found a roll of Ilford SFX 200 film.  I was intrigued by the box – It was black, with the letters SFX in purple…why is this film different?  So I bought the roll and later that day asked Jon about it…

Jezza’s Film Follies (Kodak Ektar Edition)


A flower starting to whittle away.

Shooting black and white is fun and all, but, I do have a soft spot for colours. I mean, we do see colour everyday.  So, after polishing off the Ilford PanF, I popped in a roll of Kodak’s Ektar 100.  Well actually, I had dropped off the Ilford for developing at CRC at the start of my lunch hour, and that left me with an unloaded camera.  So I stopped by Fotocare, and picked up Kodak’s Ektar 100.

Alvin’s Film Follies (Part III – “Acros” Toronto…)

Bulls in the TD Centre Courtyard.

Bulls in the TD Centre Courtyard.

My hunt for an “everyday” black and white film continued…for the third successive week, I shot blindly around town with a different roll of film not knowing what to expect.  This week, Nikki (my Nikon F90x) and I had some fun chewing through a roll of Fujifilm’s Neopan Acros. I had gotten used to handling the AF50/1.8 D lens and decided to use it again – it has become my choice lens for Nikki.