Month: August 2015

Digital Follies – The 2015 Toronto Buskerfest!

I’ve managed to run around Downtown Toronto on Saturday to watch some of the street performers at the Scotiabank Buskerfest. As you know from my Saturday post, this event (the largest of its kind in North America) ran all weekend. Proceeds from the event were donated to Epilepsy Toronto. #donateateatthegate.

Billions Cobra, wowing the crowd with his fire whip.

Billions Cobra, wowing a huge crowd with his fire whip.  This is likely my favourite action shot of the year.

For this walkaround, I was using my (more…)


My wife brought this song to my attention, and now I cannot stop humming it.  I have to say, this song is very out of the box for Mumford & Sons.  Had I not known it was them, i would have not guessed it was them.  And I think that’s a good thing.  It keeps them fresh.

Test Driving Follies: Snacking on a Weekend Brownie – The Fiat 500

Last week’s Snappy Friday for me was a photo of Brownie – the name I had given to a Brown (Fiat calls the colour Espresso) Fiat 500 I drove this past weekend while my Jeep Patriot (that I’ve nicknamed Tricia) was in a body shop for a dent repair.  Why did I get this car?  Well the car rental ran out of cars and SUV/CUV’s that were comparable in size to Tricia for the weekend.  I was given this car until Monday and then I would be given a chance to trade up. Read more about what I thought of Brownie by clicking the title or link below.



ParaPanAm Games: Women’s Wheelchair Basketball

A little more than 2 weeks ago, I had put up a quick pic that I took before the ParaPanAm Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medal Game – The USA vs. Canada.  Sorry these pics are a little late.

And the gold medal game begins...

And the gold medal game begins…


Alvin’s Food Follies – A “Snappy” First Visit to Jackson’s Burger

Friday afternoon, on my way between work and an event (at which only hors d’oeuvres were being served) my girlfriend thankfully asked me to grab myself a bite. I only had 20 minutes.  Jackson’s Burger was on the way, found along Yonge Street, south of Gerrard Street. The guys are open late too.