Proper running shoes


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I am a big believer in having proper equipment to achieve proper results. I just never really thought proper running shoes make that much of a big difference. I’m not much of a runner,

so having actual running shoes that’s been properly matched with my step never really crossed my mind, but after deciding to start training for a marathon, and having just a running shoe, it was time to start looking into it. For a good while I was using Nike free runs as my gym shoes, to run with on the treadmills and what not. It felt good, didn’t hurt my feet, but still it was running, and I hated it. Some months ago I purchased a pair of Reebok ZigTechs. Good low price of $50 bucks at a Marshall’s. Walking in them was fine but after running on a park path for a minute or so, it didn’t feel all that well. It felt as if I was stepping on marshmallows (which isn’t bad at all), but each step felt like my ankle was about to roll inside. Finally last week I went into a proper running shoe store, tried on a pair of actual running shoes, and for the first time I wasn’t fighting each step. $150 poorer, I walked out with my new Mizuno Wave Creation 13’s at the suggestion of the veteran/owner of said store. He suggested harder heels for better stability after seeing me do a few strides in his store. Even a 4 incline @ 8 mph on the treadmill felt easy. Now I just the rest of my body from the feet up to feel just as comfortable.

[Update: This post was first drafted up in August of 2012.  For some reason or another I never posted this.  I still have these shoes, and I will forever buy the wave creation line.  I haven’t ran that marathon that I was starting to train for at the start of this post.  Life sort of sidetracked me a bit.  Hopefully I can get back on the road and merge back to the lane of proper fitness. I will hopefully post another entry with my success and not excuses. -Jezza-]


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