Alvin’s Digital Follies – Toronto’s Fall Colours

I went out last weekend to enjoy some of what the autumn season had to offer.  (more…)

Digital Follies – Open Streets Toronto (Aug. 21, 2016)

Road Closed! Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.

Road Closed for Open Streets!  Yonge Street, looking north from Shuter Street.


Well, it was raining on the Saturday night that had just past, and I was concerned that on Sunday it would be a bit too wet to bike out to Bloor Street and Yonge Street where Open Streets Toronto was being held.  To my delight, the moisture dried up and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  It was a great change from the heat waves that ravaged the city for the past few weeks.



Digital Follies – Unposted shots from the Samsung S6

Nathan Phillips Square (June 17, 2016)

Nathan Phillips Square (June 17, 2016)

Before my last entry, quite some time had passed between posts.  Yes, this blog got neglected.  Well, I’m striving to get back on the horse again and post at least once every week.  My problem, what should I put up for this post?



Alvin’s Digital Follies – Samsung S6 As My Go-To Camera During Fall Walk -2015

Walking over the bridge at E.T. Seton Park, Toronto, Canada.

Walking over the bridge at E.T. Seton Park, Toronto, Canada.

It’s been a while since I’ve put in a regular post! Time to get things back to some form of normal. To do this, I went for a walk around some parks found along the Don Valley in Toronto with my girlfriend and her younger sister yesterday. (more…)

Flickr Random Photo of the Day – Sunrise

It’s been a week since I was out enjoying the waves and the sun and I haven’t been able to adjust back to normalcy.  Having said that, it pains me to look at my vacation photos since I wished I was still there.  I did happen to open up Lightroom though and I just so happen to close it at one particular sunrise session I did.  One of the shots below, which I am not too crazy on, but I am sharing with y’all anyway.  More from this set to come soon!


Yes, it’s not tack, and somehow I managed to unsettle this 1.3 second exposure.

Alvin’s Gadget Follies – Samsung Galaxy S6 Randomness

I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S6 for over a couple months and still can’t stop raving about the camera on the device.


I didn’t  realize just how many photos I have taken with it (well over 600) and I think it I am still discovering more surprises with it.


Snappy Fridays – Killbear Sunset (Taken By the Samsung Galaxy S6)

wpid-wp-1438922712555 (1)

“Snappy” Fact: The landscape where this photo was taken (Killbear Provincial Park) may have served as a source of inspiration for the Group of Seven.