ParaPanAm Games: Women’s Wheelchair Basketball

A little more than 2 weeks ago, I had put up a quick pic that I took before the ParaPanAm Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medal Game – The USA vs. Canada.  Sorry these pics are a little late.

And the gold medal game begins...

And the gold medal game begins…

The action was intense and the audience that had gathered at the Mattamy Centre was right into it – cheering for Team Canada throughout the entire game. Although the Canadians had a lot of heart, USA took the lead early in the third quarter and never looked back.  Team USA came away with the win (and the gold medal) with a score of 80-72. I really enjoyed watching the game and witnessed great sportsmanship from both teams.

Attempting to block.

Attempting to block.

One of many shots attempted.

One of many shots attempted.

It was difficult watching these players take a flip on a wheelchair. As painful as it looks, the players quickly picked themselves up and continued as if nothing happened.

The wheelchairs used during a wheelchair basketball game are designed to minimize flips like this, so witnessing someone take a spill was difficult to watch.  As amazingly painful as this looked, the players quickly picked themselves up and continued as if nothing happened.  That’s playing with heart!

This is my ball!

This is my ball!

Congrats, Team USA!

Congrats, Team USA!

Before that game, I also watched the last couple quarters of Brazil vs. Argentina for the Women’s Bronze medal. Brazil routed Argentina, with a score of 49-19. Even then, the sportsmanship displayed by both teams was really nice to see.


The Argentinians getting organized.


Argentina player attempts to steal…


Brazil blocking the outlet pass.


Argentina can’t get the shot off.


Brazil puts on more defensive pressure.


Teams handshake after the game.


A few more photos from the medal ceremony!


Members of Brazil’s team showing their medals.


Team Canada waving to the home crowd after being awarded their Silver.




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