Alvin’s Food Follies – A “Snappy” First Visit to Jackson’s Burger

Friday afternoon, on my way between work and an event (at which only hors d’oeuvres were being served) my girlfriend thankfully asked me to grab myself a bite. I only had 20 minutes.  Jackson’s Burger was on the way, found along Yonge Street, south of Gerrard Street. The guys are open late too.


This place has been open for at least a year or two and advertises a free range, hand crafted burger for $4.99 and a buck extra for cheese – this was worth a go in my books, at least to satisfy my curiousity.

The inside of the restaurant was sparse – seating accomodations for 10.  The tables have photos of different burgers – the daily specials.  A long counter with a glass shield separates you from the cook but this way you can witness your burger being cooked and assembled.


Ricardo was my friendly cashier and the service was quick. He had asked me to sit after I placed my order and offered to bring the order to my table – nice! The burger was a bit smaller than I thought when it had arrived.  The patty was cooked in a way I was not used to because it was crispy on the outside (I think it was grilled and not fried…have to re-check) but it was tender and juicy perfection inside.


The soft white bun (whole wheat is also available) which was toasted just a little on the inside made things all the better!  My toppings? I went with my standard (ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato) as always when somewhere new so I can taste this burger patty and decide if I wanted to revisit.  Jackson’s offers a slew of standard ingredients at no extra charge, and an almost equivalent amount of premium toppings (i should’ve gotten bacon) each priced around a buck or more.

My verdict: straight away, worth the visit. Will I visit again? Yes!


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